Suzanne’s Pilates Success Stories

Clients get results – and get back to life!

Athletic man faces cumulative effect from years of running, skiing, and more

A high-energy 50-year-old, John juggles his busy work schedule with his many sports. A long-time runner, hiker, skier, and biker, he hits the pavement – or hits the slopes – virtually every day. Last year, John started recognizing nagging problems including painful knees, tight calves, and pain in his lower back.

He began attending Suzanne’s Pilates sessions once a week. Now, just one year later, John says the pain and stiffness are gone, and he doesn’t hurt after running or skiing. Noting that consistency is the key, John was surprised by the significant and, as he said, “unexpected” results.

John adds: “Suzanne’s expertise makes the difference. Her passion and knowledge keep the workouts exciting and challenging. And the small class ensures we get personal attention. The workouts get progressively more challenging – and it’s great to see progress!”

Due to accidents and injuries, middle-aged woman seeks ease of movement

Two serious car accidents had given Gloria a broken pelvis, knee replacements, a broken leg, long recoveries, and seriously reduced mobility.

From a fitness standpoint, most of Gloria’s challenges have been surprisingly common – the little things that many people want to overcome. For example, her hips and knees were stiff, which causes an activity like gardening to be a painful chore instead of a rewarding pastime. Simply put, Gloria wanted to have ease of movement in her body – and to be able to do the things she loves to do.

A faithful client of Suzanne’s, Gloria has been attending Pilates classes once or twice a week for over a decade. Now, thanks to increased strength, flexibility, balance and confidence, Gloria comfortably enjoys gardening and long daily walks with her friends.

Fitness goal for young mother? Get back in shape! 

An active mother of 2 young children, Kate’s life became exponentially more hectic with her second child. Before having children, she was slim and fit and enjoyed a regular exercise regimen. For the past several years, however, her busy days didn’t allow time for exercise. Recently, Kate stated that she was tired of having a post-partum body, adding, “I want my body back!”

At age 30, Kate turned to Pilates With Suzanne to get back into shape and get fit. In particular, Kate sought an efficient, full-body workout that would tone muscles throughout her body while burning calories.

Kate attends 2 sessions a week, working on the Reformer and Cadillac, and notes that she started seeing impressive results within 6 months. “I enjoy mastering the movements,” she stated one day. “They’re challenging and beautiful, and they make me feel strong and beautiful.”

After hip-replacement surgery, 52-year-old hiker now backpacks and conquers 14ers 

A car accident and broken hip in Paula’s teens resulted in a significant leg-length difference as well as early-onset osteoarthritis in her hip, which created severe pain and limitations. While hip-replacement surgery at age 40 eliminated the arthritis and joint pain, it could not fix the longstanding muscular and structural imbalances. These imbalances impacted Paula’s strength, balance, flexibility, posture, and walking pattern.

Thanks to a friend’s referral, Paula met with Suzanne Smith and immediately appreciated her expertise in anatomy and muscles – and her vision for the possibilities that lay ahead. After several individual sessions to gain a comfort level with the equipment and to establish modifications, Paula joined Suzanne’s Core Fundamentals class.

Three years later, Paula is ready, willing, and able to conquer nearly any trail. Her accomplishments include several 5-day backpack trips, climbing Colorado 14ers and, mostly recently, hiking the Manitou Incline. In her words, Paula is on a path to “have a strong command of my body and the awareness to move in the most balanced way possible.”

Due to intense back pain, avid golfer nearly gives up the sport he loves

With multiple bulging discs, Sam’s back pain could at times completely incapacitate him. An avid golfer, Sam had to give up his favorite sport. Four years ago, he discovered Suzanne Smith’s Core Fundamentals Pilates class, which accommodated his busy work schedule. Initially, Sam’s workouts with Suzanne were slow and measured to focus on stabilization exercises on the Reformer. Eventually, Sam progressed to more challenging movements.

“Sam’s situation is an example of how Pilates can help manage your physical challenges to alleviate pain and increase strength and flexibility,” says Suzanne. “Sam is now pain-free and functional – without surgery!”

What does Sam say? “In our Core Fundamentals class, Suzanne caters to our individual needs and challenges us in a variety of fun, effective ways. And I’m currently playing golf at least once a week, pain-free! Because of Suzanne, it’s not just a motto – I Got Results, and I Got Back to Life!”

Then: Degenerating discs caused extreme back pain and limited physical activity.
Now: Weekends are spent kayaking, doing house repairs, and more!

Only in his mid-50s, surviving the work week was a challenge for Don. Due to multiple degenerating and herniated disks in his neck and back, Don’s chronic pain was nearly intolerable. Finally, a breakthrough – his anesthesiologist/pain management physician referred him to Pilates With Suzanne, due to her expertise in addressing spinal dysfunction through Pilates exercise therapy.

For clients like Don, the goal of Pilates is to strengthen the internal support system, primarily the abdominal and low-back muscles. This improves core strength, alleviates pain, and empowers clients to be fully functional – all while reducing or eliminating the need for prescription drugs and surgery. Don attends one class a week and, under Suzanne’s close supervision, focuses on spinal stabilization to strengthen the core.

A faithful Pilates student for 3 years, Don continues to progress, simply by attending 1 session a week. Now pain-free, he enjoys kayaking with his new bride and is tackling home-maintenance projects as he prepares to sell his house and purchase a new home with his wife.

A black-diamond skier and avid golfer, retired woman is active throughout the year, despite previous diagnosis of osteopenia

If you bumped into Janet on the ski slope or golf course, you’d never guess her medical history. Three years ago, she was diagnosed with osteopenia (low bone mineral density), and her doctor prescribed heavy-duty drugs.

Instead of relying on pharmaceuticals with frightening side effects, Janet turned to Pilates With Suzanne. Recently retired, Janet attended 2 to 3 beginner classes every week with the Reformer, progressing to more challenging workouts on the Cadillac and Chair.

After just one year, Janet’s tests showed she was no longer osteopenic. And now, three years later, Janet is amazingly strong and flexible. Active throughout the year, Janet enjoys some type of physical activity virtually every day – and loves every minute of it!

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