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Suzanne’s Pilates Training Certifications

A personal note from Suzanne Smith, PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

“Pilates is about fitness for life. It’s about getting back to life!

As an infant, I contracted a mild case of polio, which affected my right lower leg. Over time, this produced a scoliosis of the spine, which resulted in severe, chronic SI joint pain.

In my 30s, I found relief through massage therapy and began a career as a certified neuromuscular massage therapist. I explored many types of massage therapy – I tried everything – but found no lasting results. Meanwhile, my physical body was spiraling downward (literally!), while my pain continued to increase. By 37, I occasionally walked with a cane to alleviate the SI joint pain.

In 1996, I tried Pilates and, after only 3 sessions, recognized that these exercises, done this way, on this equipment, could actually create lasting structural changes for my body! Hallelujah! In 1997, I began my instructor training and, later that year, opened my first Pilates studio. With 3 years of dedicated practice, I was able to achieve a pain-free body, which I have maintained to this day.

What does Pilates mean to me?

suzanne on pilates equipmentPilates healed me! It was like the Fountain of Youth! Pilates gave me the freedom and joy of a strong, pain-free body that I could dance and play with, like I hadn’t done since I was a kid. Pilates gave me an exuberance for life that had sadly and slowly slipped away over the years.

I have a deep gratitude to Joe Pilates and his method of mental and physical conditioning. It is this gratitude that inspires me to help actualize his dream that “The whole world should do Pilates – they would be happier.”

What can Pilates mean for you?

Pilates can make a difference in anyone’s life, no matter how inactive, active, or athletic you are. The Pilates Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, and Step Barrel provide support as you learn the correct movements, and they add challenge as you master the movements.

This equipment – and these specialized exercises – can meet you where you are. They will support and challenge you on your path to personal excellence. With Pilates you can restore your fitness, challenge your body and mind, and enjoy your life!


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